Notes for Coaching Correctly

…This way I can get feedback on the principles other leaders use, have a system I can share with the new leaders on my team, and maybe save some people some years of figuring things out on their own… Never give someone feedback that they could have given themselves. Their self-evaluation will stick better compared to my feedback. Have them self-evaluate first and then if they feel like their self-evaluation is inadequate they will ask for feedback. Feedback that is asked for is always easily received.

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Modesty in Conversation: Ben Franklin's Persuasion Techniques

"Immodest words admit but this defense, That want of modesty is want of sense." - Benjamin Franklin: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

I've made conscious effort to sound sure of my opinions. I think confidence in conversation is looked at as a valuable.  I thought that confidence gives greater persuasive power in conversation, sales, leadership, and relationships.  Confidence and certainty might play a positive role in these things, but it has a negative side.

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The Only Strategy: Musashi Miyamoto's Legacy

The one strategy worth spending a lifetime mastering is recognizing how to win... There is nothing that can’t be turned into an advantage. A broken sword, an enemy, an angry co-worker, or a dismissive loved one. All have a use. It is our duty to find that use and capitalize on it.  Complaints serve no use and no time should be spent on things that have no use....

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Taking Right Action without Expectations

...At all decision points what should matter most is not just the result of an action, but that right action was taken.  Good results can be received without good intentions and bad intentions can lead to good results.  In fact, results in themselves are neither good nor bad. The quality of a result is a matter of perception.  We don't need well intentioned action, but simply constant intentional right action is what is required.

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Living 100% Out of Your Comfort Zone: Thoughts on Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has put himself in a constant state of intentional discomfort.  His life story is madness.  He is the model for growth through making yourself uncomfortable.  He has said,  "I don’t think it would be much fun to not to be outside my comfort zone.” His overall business model and approach to life seems to be...

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Unlock Limitless Energy Through Ultimate Vision

Building a vision for an organization or yourself that revolves around numbers and results can always fall apart, but finding your core ideology and building from it will always guarantee success.

 I received my start in business, and learned about my passion for leadership, through selling Cutco knives and coaching others on how to do the same.  The company has shown me how much I love growing as a person and helping others to grow....

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Why are we worried about describing what we do?

Being in the recruiting business makes you think really deeply about how you describe what you do, what your company does, and what the open positions you have entail.  I can't help but feel like most of the people I interact with seem to embellish their roles, lack transparency, and fear that others will think less of them because of what they do and what their company does....

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Finding Your Passion

Bottom line up front: " know you have found your passion when you can't sleep through the night because you wake up thinking about what you will do to tomorrow." A few weeks ago I woke up in the morning like I normally do and went about my morning routine of making a smoothie, eating breakfast, showering, dressing, and searching for inspiring things to listen to while I go about my process....

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Seniors and Juniors Cited for Outstanding Achievement

Nearly 400 students were recognized at the 32nd Honors Convocation in mid-March in Baker Hall. The annual ceremony honors juniors and seniors who have achieved at least a 3.6 GPA or received academic prizes.

After University Chaplain Lloyd Steffen gave the invocation, University President Alice Gast praised the students for their accomplishments.

“You have earned this…through many hours of hard work, and you can take pride in a job well done,” she said...

Allen S. Quier Prize*
(Materials Science and Engineering)

George J. Ferko V ....


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Named to dean's list at Lehigh University

George J. Ferko, son of George and Gloria Ferko of Palmerton, has been named to the dean's list for the Spring 2010 semester at Lehigh University, from where he graduated on May 24, 2010, with a bachelor of science degree in material sciences and engineering and a minor in economics.

George has earned a 3.86 grade point ...

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AcademicsGeorge Ferko
Department of Materials Science Awards

Several student and faculty awards were presented at the annual Student Materials Society Spring Picnic, April 21, 2010, in Whitaker Courtyard. The Student Materials Society is the Lehigh University student chapter of two professional societies,ASM International and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. The picnic, a longtime tradition, provides the opportunity for students and faculty to mingle in a social setting....

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Attains dean's list at Lehigh University

George J. Ferko V, a 2006 graduate of Palmerton Area High School, attained the dean's list with a GPA of 3.82 for the 2009 fall semester at Lehigh University.

He accepted a Ph.D. graduate position with Lehigh University to continue his studies in material science and engineering. His adviser for his Ph.D work will be Professor Martin P. Harmer....

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Like the teachers of younger students, says Martin Harmer, college professors often face a challenge motivating their students to study science.

Harmer, a professor of materials science and engineering, has addressed this challenge by taking a cue from his wife, Andrea Harmer, who recently studied sixth-graders who investigated a hazardous waste site in Pennsylvania....

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UncategorizedGeorge Ferko
3D Ceramographic Entries a Hit at MS&T’09

Each year, the ACerS Basic Science Division sponsors a ceramographic competition at the Society’s Annual Meeting. The competition’s top award is the Roland B. Snow Award, presented to the Best of Show winner of the competition. All of this year’s entries went on display at the recent MS&T’09 conference in Pittsburgh where they wowed the participants. The best of the entries also appear on the back covers of theJournal of the American Ceramic Society throughout the year....

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